Managing Yearly Maintenance

Managing Yearly Maintenance

Managing yearly maintenance is probably the most mundane yet important factor when it comes to staying on top of any problems you might face with your home. This is a task you should generally set yourself either before winter or at the start of spring.

Ranging from inspecting the visual area on your home to make sure its watertight, no damaged or loose tiles and all roof coverings are in place should be your first stop. Once this has completed, make sure to visually inspect any other roof coverings on your shed, garage or similar.

Look over the guttering and downpipe systems to make sure they are not blocked or clogged up from sludge, leaf or any other type of foliage.

If you can safely access your manhole cover, you should pop it open to look inside to make sure it is still flowing correctly, A quick way of testing both the manhole for blockage and your roof for a leak, is to use a hose pipe laid on its side with water running. The water should move freely and fast through the the manhole cover and your roof, well, it should not be letting water inside!

Check for any damage to your outdoor taps from frost and make sure all your utility connections to the house are safe and intact.

If you need help with assessing this type of work or someone to handle the maintenance inspection on your roof, we recommend choose from one of the below: